a series of talks about scala and tooling
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Krzysztof Romanowski: VirtusLab, a Tooling Powerhouse


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Welcome back to another episode of Tooling Talks! I'm your host Chris and I have another exciting episode for you today. If you've been paying attention to where a handful of my guests work you'll have noticed a trend of VirtusLab employees. If you're also paying attention to who's been contributing to the Scala 3 compiler, tooling, and pushing for various efforts like scala-cli and the Scala Toolkit, you'll see their name everywhere. This month I though I'd shift gears a little bit and instead of focusing on an individual working on a tool, focus on someone managing a team of people contributing to the ecosystem. So this month I sat down with Krzysztof Romanowski and talked all about the work VirtusLab has been doing in the various areas, explored whether Scala 3 is "industry ready", and talked about some of the upcoming projects you'll see. This conversation was a great change of pace. I also want to take a moment and shine some light on some recent changes on the Tooling Talks website. You'll notice there are comment sections now on each page. Please do feel free to discuss episodes there. So without further ado, let's dive in. Thanks for joining.